Akwasi boadi- AkA Who nose tomorrow” featured on international media for his “special” news broadcast

Highly respected veteran actor and comedian, Akorbeto, has been featured on an international broadcasting channel.

This follows his hilarious but special news report about the recently played Chelsea-Barcelona match he read on UTV.

Akrobeto caught in one of his comic scenes
A French broadcasting channel, Marca TV, published Akrobeto’s news video on their website with a French caption translated as: “The most hilarious narration of Barcelona-Chelsea.”

“A journalist with problems with English suffered to pronounce Azpilicueta and describe plays.”

Getting recognized and being featured on the international news channel is a big plus for the Kumawood actor, who is making waves in TV broadcasting currently.

Akrobeto, known privately as Akwasi Boadi has admitted that he had nearly no education at all, and this has affected his communication in English.

Nevertheless, the veteran actor has made every effort to learn the English language, and is currently an English news reader on UTV.

Though he struggles with the language during his broadcast, the meaning of his messages come clear.

His efforts seem to have caught the eye of the French broadcasting channel, Marca TV.

His news broadcast on UTV is popular and highly patronized because of the comedy he infuses in reading.

Akrobeto also never mentions his name without adding “Who Nose Tomorro” while pointing at the nose.

He is an award-winning actor, and has featured in many movies.

Meanwhile, Barcelon won that match with 2- 1 goals against Chelsea.