A lady descended on Kwaku Manu for watching her backside / WATCH VIDEO

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has found himself in trouble in the hands of a lady abroad. The lady had caught the actor red-handed feeding his eyes with her backside and she was not pleased.

Manu was returning from a shop when his eyes caught the lady with the huge backside.

She stopped in her tracks and turned to go back to her car only to find Manu watching her. The lady confronted the actor who denied ever watching her.

According to him, he was watching something else and not what the lady thought.

While the conversation continued in the Akan language, the lady asked Manu how long he had been in the US to which he replied one month.

She further asked if there was no lady of her stature in Ghana for him to be watching her that way.

The tone of voice showed that the lady was not comfortable with the actor’s action. Manu thus apologised for peace to prevail.

He himself shared the video to his Instagram page.