Wanlov Da Kubolor Names Daughter After Ebony In Remembrance Of The Late Star

Today, February 16th 2018, is the 21st birthday of late dancehall sensation Ebony Reigns.
Ebony, who tragically died in a car accident a week ago, is being celebrated on this big day by many celebrities on social media.Controversial artist Wanlov da Kublor, his his tribute, has revealed a huge gesture on his part to celebrate the late star in a more permanent way.Apparently the Fokn Bois singer recently welcomed a baby girl, and he’s decided to name her Ebony in remembrance of the late singer.

According to him, he already had a name lined up for the girl but in respect of what happened, he decided to name her Ebony

He posted on twitter: “Ebony my daughter was born 3 days after you passed on…i had a name for her, but that has changed…i hope Ebony Akosua Mansa lives up to your level of strength and love…happy birthday???”