No female artiste can replace Ebony – Yaw Skyface

Yaw Skyface

Popular Ghanaian music video director, Yaw Skyface, has expressed his feelings concerning the late Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall female singer, Ebony Reigns who died in a car accident with two other people is certain that no female artiste can replace Ebony for all that she did in Ghana’s music industry.

Yaw Skyface said that, even though he is not God to predict the future, he doesn’t believe someone else can achieve what she did in the music industry with her music career after becoming the first Ghanaian female singer to get five hit songs within a year.

Ebony was able to make a mark in the music industry with all her popular songs within a year or two, which is not easy to achieve in Ghana’s music industry as a female singer,” he stated.

Yaw Skyface who directed most of Ebony’s music videos including dance floor and sponsor, until Prince Dovlo came in to work on her last song which is ‘Maame Hwe’, couldn’t hold back his tears upon hearing Ebony’s death.

He continued to say that the late songstress was the shy type who was willing to play with everybody and was very accommodating. She was indeed a good person to be with.

He further stated that, the award-winning Afro-Dancehall act began to show off her skin to the public after they had shot her first music video, but they needed some studio pictures to add to the video which he the director asked her to do that though she was shy at the beginning.

“She eventually loved that style of dressing and adapted to it. When we started talking about the pictures, she felt in love with it and accepted the idea because that was already her style of dressing even in the house,” he added.

He again revealed that, one big thing which helped her in her music career was the effort her management put up towards her career and also everyone who was around her was willing to push her talent and career to the world of which he believes they worked hard to make her career attractive.

The music video director hinted that, the youth of today especially those in the entertainment industry should be very careful, even though they are trying their best to meet up with their dreams and goals in life, which should always go with prayers.